How To Write A Food Blog For Hungry Forever

Hi there! Are you a foodie on a mission? Is writing one of your many secret talents? Think you can be the ultimate gourmet adventurer on the internet? If you just answered “yes” to those questions, we’re wondering why you haven’t begun telling the world about it yet. If your reason to that is because you didn’t find the space, oh do we have good news for you. You can blog with us and unleash that food-tastic writer in you!

Food bloggers are welcome to share their food experiences, food trivia, recipes, and anything for the love of food! To write a post with us, click here and we’ll get started.


Let’s get registered!

Now when you click the link given, you will be redirected to a login page where you can find the “Register” link and get registered. This link will take you to a page where you’ll have to fill a simple form with your details before you get started. You will need a username, and have to share your email, create a password, write a one-liner tag line about yourself, which part of the world you’re in, and your full name. Almost ready!


Let’s get writing!

Now that you’re signed up, you will see the “Write Post” page in front of you. To start, fill in a title. This is what your post will talk about so keep it fun and interesting, with the subject of the article prominent.
Your “Content” box is where all the writing happens. This is simple, just write away to glory. Your content can talk about food, food trends, your personal opinions on food, food hubs in the city, recipes, restaurant favourites, and so on. But remember, it stays in the food category. A little drop down menu on the top of your content box that reads “Paragraph” by default, is what you need for headings, sub headings, and sub titles within your article. If you’re adding links to your post, you’ll find the link icon right where your basic formatting tools (bold, italics, underline) are.
But what about pictures? That’s simple. To add pictures that you’ve taken (yes, you can totally snap away with your favourite food, just no selfies, okay?), click the “Add Media” button above your formatting tools and drag and drop your image into the pop-up box to insert. And, ta-da, that’s your content!


The little things:

After you’re done with composing your post, scroll down a little to find your “Author Bio” box. That’s the little part where you talk about you! Come up with a creative little introduction for yourself, keeping it simple.
Below the “Author Bio” box is the “Category” menu. This is a drop down menu that has a bunch of categories for you to choose for your article. Choose wisely (no pressure!).
After you’ve found your category, scroll down to “Tags”. Here’s where you enter words, separated by commas, that are related to your post. They’re like little clues that’ll help people find your post.
And finally, “Featured Image”. This is where you choose the face of your article. The featured image is what the post is displayed with so make sure you pick a picture that is related to your post. This could be a picture you’ve taken yourself or a stock image.
Done with your post? Hit “Submit” and you’re done!


Brag a little!

You just made your first blog post as an uber cool food blogger! Aren’t you excited? We are! Grab the link to your post and show off a little by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, for all the world to see, especially your friends and family!
We love food, and you do too. And we promise you, you are going to have so much fun!