How To Throw The Perfect Christmas Dinner Party

Holiday time is party time. And Party time is PARTY TIME! That’s a decent way to put it. Hosting parties and having fun with your loved ones is one thing we all look forward to. Especially, dinner parties where you can enjoy a hearty, heavenly meal with your family and friends. Who doesn’t like the aroma of roasted Turkey waffling its way into your heart? We party to celebrate the one thing that binds us all and brings us together, Potatoes! Where would humanity be without potatoes? Getting back to parties, although the latter option of enjoying seems more appealing, hosting is a cakewalk with a proper plan. This season, learn to host the perfect Christmas dinner party with these simple tips.



Gotta list ’em all

The first step towards hosting a perfect dinner party is to get the list right. Listing your guest will give you an estimate of how much food and items you need to buy. But decide with care, do not take more than you can handle. If you have a long endless list of friends, then don’t be afraid to pick out the major ones and maybe host a party elsewhere for the rest. Make a mental count of how many you can accommodate at your dinner table and then plan accordingly.


Getting the menu right!

Menus are the trickier part of planning. Nothing can be more pleasing than a neat table food lined up for dinner. Before you get on, you can decide if you want to have a cocktail party or a dine party.

Quick tip: Always decide the guest list based on the number of chairs available at your dinner table. Go for a cocktail party if the number of people is higher.

However, if you are planning to have a small dinner party go with dishes you are confident with. Another reason to invite only your close friends is that you know them better and hence can figure out the menu from the likes and dislikes. A Christmas menu card will however seem empty without the following dishes.

Mashed potatoes: A classic starter that is a must in any menu. If you want to try something new, then roast half baked potatoes in rosemary, basil, oregano in a pinch of salt and pepper. They make a good alternative too. There’s something about meat and potatoes that makes them made for each other.

Chicken: In any form, this meat is an essential on the dinner menu. Planning to go with another meat or main course, make chicken lollipops. Easy to make and less time consuming also.

Main course: For the main course, always make the choice of meat that everyone would prefer. Never go for complex dishes, people might not end up liking them. The easiest meats to prepare for the table are lamb and chicken. Go for stir fried lamb curry which is quick and easy to make. Also, make sure the starters go with the main course. No one wants two different cuisines for dinner. Always Always Always have rice on the menu, makes things a lot easier.

Chocolates for desserts! A box of chocolates will look simple and nice for dessert. 

A hand-picked bottle of old wine would do the trick for refreshments.


Fun and Games

Christmas Party Games Cookie on Forehead Minute to Win it 2

What must go into your planning is games! There’s obviously going to be some time left before the dinner or after you surely don’t want the guest to stare at the walls. No matter how beautiful they are, it gets boring after a while. Trust me. So always have some games or stuff planned for to avoid awkward silences. Watching episodes of Friends with a pack of chips always works too. If there’s no time for fun and games, you can chuck them out but the party could turn into a disaster if you do and have nothing planned. You can also save the wine or refreshments for a game of Never have I ever.
Keep your guitars and vocal cords ready for some dancing and singing. No time dedicated to dancing and singing is a Christmas crime.




Pay attention to your decorations. Don’t overdecorate. Christmas does not mean your house has to look like a Christmas tree. Be minimal and be smart with your decorations. Minimal is classy and pleasing to the eye. If you are having a themed party, make sure your friends are aware and okay with it.

That’s it. You start with the plan and stick to it! Especially the menu.

And finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. The whole point of having a party is to have a good time, do not get too busy and miss out on some. It’s Christmas, everyone deserves a break.