How To Simulate House Painting – Free App

Choosing the best paint styles for your house has become quite interesting with the introduction of the latest applications available on the internet. You no longer have to spend hours going through several leaflets and catalogs. 

All the aspects of living a dream life require you to channel your efforts in the right direction. You can bring all the eye-catchy colors to your life with a very innovative app – “Project Color – The Home Depot”

Paint your desires and experience the brightness of colors in your house. All you need to stick around the right application that stimulates house painting exactly as you have fascinated in your dreams. Therefore, use the “App Store” and “Play Store” for reaching out to one best serving app- “Project Color”.

How To Simulate House Painting - Free App

Why the Project Color App for House Painting?

Project Color is pretty easy to use and is available 24/7 in your hands. Be it early dawn or the midnight hour, you have the access to choose and adjust your dream of architecture according to your schedules. With ProjectColor you can visualize the beauty of your house. 

It allows you to explore all the possible variants and shades that will leave the eyes of your family members and viewers mesmerized. This app has a list of power pact features starting right from browsing colors to inspirational ideas. Let’s take a brief look at what all this app offers.

Search the Colour of Your Choice

All the colors are organized in such a manner that it becomes very easy for the user to choose. All the different shades of any variant can be adjusted according to your will. Baby pink, carnation pink, old rose pink, and a lot more, choose wisely! 

Inspirational Ideas

Get inspiration for your interior and exterior paints, along with that, it is updated with what’s new on Pinterest. You can scroll through popular colors to get recommended theme ideas by using a homepage. Subsequently, cherry-pick the one based on your desire.

Browse Colours and Colour Match

As you are your own architect, make everything look according to you. You can mix and match and enjoy the fun by simply clicking and uploading the picture from your camera. Catch that colorful vibe!

Save Your Favorites

Marking your selected and liked paints in a separate corner makes it super comfortable the next time you wish to search. Use email, text message, or social media to send the saved pictures to your friends.


This app is free to use and allows you to experience every bit of your imagination to have a house painted on your wants and desires. Project Colour has a lot of services providing the users to purchase the colors that the users used in the app. But it is entirely up to you if you want to purchase or not.

But, just to remind you!! The app is completely free to use.

How to Download the App?

This app is very convenient to download. All you need is to grab your phone and search the app name on your iPad, PC, or laptop. And, it appears right on top. And, yes it is available for both Android and iOS platforms. To make it convenient for you, here we have the direct links for the users of both Android and iPhone

How to Use the App?

Once downloaded, the application is all ready to use without much precision and expertise. All you have to start with is providing accessibility to the app requirements. You can paint all your interior and exterior by just clicking the pictures and choosing the in-app options. Not to forget, you must have an active internet connection.

How To Simulate House Painting - Free App

The Bottom Line 

For all of you living a lifestyle so busy and yet wanting to live in an ambiance of comfort and is soothing to your eyes. This app saves all your time, energy, and money, giving you the ideas of magnificent paint and updated interior and exterior colors that add charm to your house. 

Paint the paths of beautiful living and add the colors of goodness to your homes. Happy and colorful living!