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How to Reuse Stale Bread – Step-By-Step Guide


Having stale bread sitting on the kitchen counter isn’t new. In fact, this is a common occurrence in most households every week. Sometimes bread can get stale in just a few days if it isn’t stored right. 

Good thing, there are ways to reuse stale bread instead of throwing it all off in the garbage. Aside from the unending breadcrumbs, you can also make homemade croutons and a lot more. 

The secret is simply maximizing opportunities to prevent the wastage of food. Bread’s a filling food and you can be added to a variety of dishes. Up next we’re going to tell you how to reuse stale bread. 

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The Best Things To Do with Stale Bread at Home

French Toast

Before the bread gets moldy or bad, you can use it to make French toast. This is delicious and is easy to make. You simply need bread, milk, egg, and sugar. To spice it up, maybe add a twist using cinnamon or several herbs and fillings. 

To make it better, you can try the recipe with pecan crumble. This ingredient will add crunch and texture to the normal French Toast. Ground cinnamon in addition is also a nice idea. 


Reuse stale bread by making croutons out of it. This will give a crunch to your salad, making it more flavorful and delicious to eat. It easily transforms a normal salad into a healthier meal, especially using a multigrain baguette. 

To make one, simply cut the bread into smaller cubes and add a bit of olive oil. Putting in a dash of other spices is great, but optional. Try adding paprika, oregano, or garlic powder for added flavor. 

Tip: Don’t add a lot if you’re using the croutons for a salad because that will bring an after taste. 


Instead of opting for breadsticks, why not use the stale bread? You can use the bread as dippers for favorite dips and spreads like salsa, hummus, vegan cheese dip, spinach, artichoke, and a lot more. 

The Fondue is the best thing to dip your stale bread in. Just cut the bread into smaller sizes and dip it into the fondue. 


If you’re thinking of a more filling meal, you can reuse stale bread to thicken soups and stews. Get the bread mushy and blend into the soup for added texture. 

The most common use is for French onion soup when the soup needs to be thicker, and better with cheesy bread. 

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Because the bread is already stale, it will take longer to get mushy from the soup. This is why it’s ideal to use for onion soup. 

Bread Salads

No, this isn’t the same as a salad with croutons because you actually want the bread to take in liquid. Reuse stale bread for this classic Tuscan salad called Panzanella. This is a hearty meal involving tomato, herbs, and bread. 

Of course, you still need to cut the bread into pieces, and you need to cook them in olive oil until golden brown. Since this is a classic Mediterranean dish, you’ll be including a whole pound of tomatoes for just half a loaf of bread.   

You will need to make a nice vinegarette with good quality olive oil and vinegar. You will toss your cooked and cooled bread pieces into the dressing and rehydrate them. The dressing with the rehydrated bread will be tossed with your tomatoes.

Make sure to add salt, black pepper, basil, and garlic as per your liking to the salad.   


If you’re craving a sandwich but only have stale bread in your home, consider making a panini or Italian sandwich. Just like grilled cheese, the bread is also heated for that crunchy texture. 

For the panini, you’ll be needing other ingredients like specialty cheeses, chicken or turkey, basil, mayonnaise, provolone, and tomatoes. 

The whole point of using stale bread is because it’s already crispy, and if you reheat it, the texture will still be good. 


Another great idea to reuse stale bread is to shred it to mix into your meatloaf recipe. This is going to be a game-changer, adding more texture into the meatloaf. 

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We all end up having a few pieces of stale bread, and now you know you don’t have to simply throw it out. You can give stale bread a whole new life by transforming it. 

You’ll be helping the planet by not wasting food as well as adding some texture to all your dishes.

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