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How To Lose Weight Without Following A Plan


Following a plan isn’t for everyone, it can feel like it deprives us of our liberty. While many people are happy to follow a plan it doesn’t fit with everyone’s lifestyle. Ensuring proper hydration is essential for weight loss, for state of mind, and to ensure all the reactions that need to take place in our bodies do.

Overeating is an obvious cause of weight gain and stopping eating when your satisfied will help this. If you eat slowly, remove distractions and concentrate on your food then you’ll be able to listen more accurately to your body.

Intermittent fasting will result in eating fewer calories as you eat for a shorter period of time. It also gives good insulin control meaning you burn fat quicker and easier. Finding an active hobby is a great way to get moving and burn calories. Have a think about what you might enjoy as there’s so many options out there!

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