How To Keep Your Food Safe During The Monsoon Season

Now that monsoon is almost here, we need to be extra careful with the food that we consume. During the months of heavy rain, the moisture content in the air increases to extremely high levels, and along with it, various microbes tend to multiply. In particular, fungi tend to grow and multiply in these increased moisture content. So, it is important to store your food properly. Especially, with bread and bakery products.These products are highly vulnerable to spoilage. After opening the packets, they need to be stored in air tight containers or in the refrigerator to prevent the formation of mould on them.

We are so used to throwing away rotten vegetables during this season. Vegetables get spoiled so easily that it is important to store them properly.So, the best way to store them would be in zip lock bags to make sure they are not exposed to moisture. Also, wrapping them in newspapers before keeping them in zip lock bags would be better because the newspaper will absorb all the excess moisturiser.

Also, fruits and juices should be consumed fresh and not be kept in the open for a long time to avoid contamination with microbes. Milk and other milk products should be stored in the fridge since they tend to get spoiled easily.

There are also few things that should be kept in mind. During the monsoon season, waterborne diseases are very common. So, it’s highly imperative that you drink boiled and clean water. And eating street food should be avoided as they might make you fall sick easily because immunity tends to be weakened, making people more susceptible to infections. Include a lot of hot soup and nutritious meals in your diet to stay healthy.