How to Boost Testosterone levels Naturally? Here are a few ways

The human body produces this hormone on a small to large scale. Both male and female bodies produce Testosterone, however, it is a core hormone in the male body. A man’s appearance, sexual development, sperm production, and sexual drive is due to Testosterone. Muscle mass in the body is influenced by this hormone.

Level of Testosterone in the body is meant to go down as the person ages, however, there are a few natural ways to boost these levels. These ways or lifestyle changes are safe and better (in the long run) than consuming testosterone boosting supplements.  

Due to the recent craze of having a well-toned body and muscles, many men and women are taking these supplements. If taken under experts’ observation they might give you the results, however, it might be harmful if the on-off cycle goes wrong.

How low Testosterone levels can affect your body?

  • Unfavorable body composition
  • Weight gain
  • Negatively affect sexual function,
  • Decreased sex drive,
  • Infertility, etc.

Here is how to boost testosterone naturally:

1. Lack of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep (regularly) and compromising sleeping hours (especially at night) can affect the human body tremendously. Lack of energy, low apatite, are a couple of disheartening results of lack of sleep. However, one more thing which might get impacted due to not having the required amount of rest/sleep is the healthy levels of Testosterone in the body.

A study conducted by the University of Chicago concluded that not getting enough sleep can lead to reduced testosterone levels.

The study found out that with only one week of limited sleep hours, testosterone level (during day time) came down by 15%. On the other hand, if the level is going down due to natural aging, the percentage is hardly 1-2% a year.

Hence, one has to get enough sleep of around 6-8 hours to give the body the required rest and maintain the healthy hormone levels.

2. Follow a Balanced Diet

Diet, daily food consumption habits of a person affects his body on a large scale. The basic well-being and body functioning largely depend on food habits. Eating well boosts Testosterone levels and vice versa. Journal of Neuroinflammation published one report showing that a combination of low testosterone levels and body overweight can lead to inflammatory conditions and may hamper neurological functions of the body.

Those who are on-off about their food habits expose their body to the risk of uneven hormone levels. One is recommended to consume a wholesome meal that is full of proteins, fats, healthy carbs, and micronutrients. A balanced diet not only boosts hormones levels in the body but facilitates long-term health too.

3.Lose Extra Weight

Just like low Testosterone can cause weight gain; having extra weight on the body can lead to low levels of Testosterone too. This is a cyclical, cause-effect process. As Testosterone is the core hormone in the men’s body which facilitates enough muscle mass, one has to create the complementing environment in the body for Testosterone to grow.

In other words, if you are leading an active life, the Testosterone levels in your body can grow naturally. European Journal of Applied Physiology published one study stating that the more active men are, the more testosterone they will be able to maintain.

However, it is recommended to get involved in physical activities such as sports, gyming, etc under expert guidance, as overdoing anything is always hazardous.

4. Reduce Stress levels

Lifestyle of most of the people in today’s world is stressful and it hardly leaves anytime aside for one to rest. However, one has to find a way to deal with stress levels. High-stress levels can not only affect the brain, and other body function, but also impacts Testosterone levels.

High stress releases a hormone called cortisol. This hormone manages a variety of body functions like metabolism and also hamper levels of Testosterone in the body.

Apart from the four ways mentioned above, you can also follow the below-given practices to boost Testosterone levels without any supplements.

  1. Check the Medications you regularly take and know if they have any negative impact on the levels of Testosterone.
  2. Avoid drugs and alcohol abuse
  3. Consume natural testosterone booster like Ashwagandha (consult the doctors)

Conclusion:Religiously follow the above-given ways to boost Testosterone levels, rather than consuming harmful supplements or drugs.