How Much Coffee Do You Think They Would Have Drunk Daily On The Death Star?

If you’re a part of the Star Wars fandom (or have access to the internet) you’ll know that the latest Star Wars movie – The Last Jedi is hitting theaters soon. Since there is no such thing as too much Star Wars trivia, someone actually figured out how many cups of coffee would be consumed on a single day on the Death Star, because, I mean, something has got to be keeping those Stormtroopers from hitting anything.

Coffee Tasting Club has got all the answers to pressing coffee related questions (how else would your life function without knowing who drank the most coffee on Friends). After an inconceivable amount of research, the folks at the Coffee Tasting Club figured out that a cuppa would probably cost around 6 galactic credits. But, just how much coffee do you think they drank?


Here’s the infographic to set all your queries to rest!

P.S: In light of this infographic you may realise that you’re not as big of a Star Wars fan as you may have previously thought; happy viewing!