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How Many Of These 40 Unique Pizzas Have You Tried?


Pizza is life. We’re not sure who that saying can be attributed to, but we strongly live by it, along with other pizza codes of conduct like ‘We Shall Not Share’ and ‘We Shall Not Waste Good Slices’. With these codes of conducts, many of us display fierce pizza loyalties to specific pizzas at fast food chains or gourmet pizza restaurants.

However, the true pizza lover will make it his or her mission to try all the glorious, different kinds of pizza available in the world. If you want the title of the true pizza lover, you could start by ticking off pizzas from this info graphic that Food Republic has put together.

Out of those, we would give our right arms to try the World’s Most Expensive pizza, the sushi pizza and that gorgeous jumbo slice. Of course, we over here in India have another type of pizza that we know the foreign log would love to try; the Kurkure pizza from Pizza Hut. Why not start your pizza trail by giving Pizza Hut a call? We’re sure that these other types of pizza will soon follow.