How Many Calories In Your Favourite Nut?

Nuts make everything taste better! Hazelnuts are hands down our favourite but we’d happily eat any kind. If you like nuts too there are a few things to keep in mind – Nuts are extremely calorie dense. Still, they vary widely in just how calorie dense. You can eat quite a few more peanuts or pistachios for fewer calories than you can pecans or Brazil nuts. Though people often talk about having “a handful” of nuts you can see how different the calories would be depending on which nuts were in that handful. Nuts can absolutely be a part of everyone’s diet no matter their fitness goal. If you’re looking to put on weight, nuts can be a great tool since it is so easy to rack up the calories quickly. For a person with a fat-loss goal total calories are always the most important factor. Being accurate with measuring and tracking of calories from nuts is important for your fat loss success.

23 Almonds = 160 Calories

6 Brazil Nuts = 190 Calories

12 Hazelnuts = 178 Calories

12 Macadamia Nuts = 200 calories

35 Peanuts = 161 Calories

15 pecan Halves = 196 Calories

49 Pistachios = 159 Calories

14 Walnut Halves = 185 Calories

How Many Calories In Your Favourite Nut?