How healthy is Food365’s Kombadi missal?

If you live in Maharashtra or have visited Maharashtra then you must have tried the most common Maharashtrian dish called the missal pav! You must have tried missal on breakfasts, lunches or at tea times. This dish is light and full of proteins as it mainly consists of sprouts. Because of the healthiness of this dish, it has become a regular dish in everyone’s diet in Maharashtra. You get a variety of missal across Maharashtra with their typical tastes. You get missals like dahi missal, Jain missal, kolhapuri missal, puneri missal, etc. with variations in missal the liking towards the dish has increased. Now with these existing varieties, Food365 has added a new type in the missal, i.e. the kombadi missal.

Only present in Food365 the kombadi missal has already won hearts and has established a new record for a missal. This missal has turned out to be the best missal in Pune for the chicken lovers.  With the protein benefits and the typical taste, this dish has become a fulfilling dish. Coming on to the wholesomeness of the kombadi missal, one can rely on it. As it has chicken and sprout proteins with a spicy flavor it ends up being the desired dish for the day.

best misal in pune

A unique dish brought by Food365 promises to be wholesome and yummy. This missal is new as no one has ever tried to do experiments with missal, has become a healthy choice of eating. There are few reasons why eating chicken is good for you. A few are it helps building muscles, makes them strong and gives proper nourishment to the body. Apart from the muscles it also helps to strengthen the bones. It helps in stress reduction and boosts immunity. Chicken also helps in keeping the heart healthy.   So there are few benefits which are very helpful in keeping the body healthy.

With all these benefits who wouldn’t consider kombadi missal? The taste is fresh and spicy. You have a choice to choose a better and stay healthy. All you have to do is go to the nearest food365 and get your plate of kombadi missal, or else you can order food online if you wish to be at home.  You also get home delivery in maggarpatta, karvernagar, salunke vihar, shivane, etc. to experience the taste of kombadi missal.  Food365 is expanding to new locations in pune which are Dhayari, Vishrantwadi, Sadashivpeth and Deccan in the coming 15 days!