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How Healthy Are These Frozen Foods That We Consume


All of us are so used to grabbing a packet of frozen food item and just cooking up something in two or three minutes. These frozen items have integrated into our daily lives so much that our mornings would stop functioning if we didn’t have them. But the how good are these for our health?

We all know that frozen food items have enough preservatives in them to make sure that they stay fresh. Now, most of the frozen items contain preservatives like corn syrup, which is made up of glucose, have been noted as carcinogenic substances. Acrylamide, another substance found in cooked frozen food, also exhibits carcinogenic tendencies. Also, studies have shown that determined that frozen hot dogs and sausages increase the risk of contracting cancer by more than 65%.

Frozen food is rich in trans fats, which elevates your risk of contracting heart disease and also contributes to clogged arteries. Trans fats raise LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and also lower HDL (good) cholesterol levels, which is responsible for elevating the risk of heart disease. Also, the fruits that kept slowly lose their nutritional value.

Though it would be hard to completely stop using these frozen food items, and cook from scratch every day, it would be definitely a better choice when it comes to matters of health.