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Learn How to Freeze Food Properly


It is very important to know when and how to freeze the food you want to eat at a later stage. 

Doing it wrong may lower the quality of the food and reduce the nutritious value of the food.

So for the best results, you need to do it the right way when you freeze the food to save money later. We take a look at some of the best ways to freeze your food.

What will Affect the Quality Of the Food

Here are a few things that may affect the quality of the frozen food by the time you want to thaw it and prepare it.

  • The overall condition of the food at the time of freezing
  • Improperly packed food may lose their nutritional value
  • If there are microorganisms present in the food at the time of freezing, it may revive when the food is thawed.
  • Fast freezing the food is better for forming small ice crystals that are better for the food.
  • Keep the freezing temperature constant at freezing temperatures for top-quality frozen food.
  • Moisture evaporation will cause freezer burn and will make the food undesirable.
  • Good thawing practice will provide better moisture return to the food.

These are some of the more important things you need to look at when you prepare your food for freezing.

The Freezer

Your freezer should always be kept in good condition when you want to use it for freezing your food. It is essential that you keep the freezer clean and neat at all times to provide a good freezing practice.

Make sure your freezer is always set to the freezing temperature, and you should check regularly. A good practice is to have a thermometer available to spot check the food in the freezer to see if it is still on temperature.

Packaging And Containers

The correct packaging for frozen food is essential to keep the moisture and air away from the food. If your food gets in contact with too much air, it might dry out, and it also may develop freezer burn.

It would be best if you used containers designed and constructed to withstand the freezing temperature so they will not get brittle and crack. Avoid leftover containers that are used for yogurt and get the proper container to freeze your food in.

If you want to use plastic bags to keep your food in the freezer, use the proper freezer bags to withstand the cold temperatures. Regular plastic bags will just crack and cause air to come in contact with your food and reduce the quality of the food

A good vacuum packing system is an excellent way to go, and it will help to remove all the air from the plastic bags. This will help keep your food fresh for much longer and prevent freezer burn.

You should also not over pack your freezer with containers and leave ample space at the top for proper airflow. A good space will be about 1 inch or a little bit more at the top side of the freezer for the best results.

Other Important Information

Do not leave food for too long in the freezer; they might lose some of their value.

There are some foods that can not be frozen well and will lose their consistency as well as their nutritional value.

Most foods prefer to be frozen very quickly to improve the freezing quality of the food, so it is better to use quick freezing.

Do not ever put hot food in the freezer; you should always let it cool down to room temperature before you freeze the food.

Blanch your vegetables before you put them in the freezer.

Do not wash fruits and vegetables with a delicate skin before you put them in the freezer; it will just cause freezer burn.

Make small portions when you want to freeze the food, which is especially valid for fruits and vegetables. It is better to make small packets of just enough for one meal, so you do not need to put it back in the freezer.


It is quite important to sort your freezer and pack everything neatly and orderly when you want to freeze your food. A good system is also important, and you should always mark the dates on your containers and bags.

Hopefully, this will help to improve the quality of your frozen food and save you money in the long run.