How does this New Food Photography App ensure the Best Food Shots Ever?

We’ve all been served the perfect plate of golden fried something, with a something sauce dripping out of it, with a neat stack of something else by the side and a tiny waft of steam coming from it- whatever it is you’re picturing (slurp) picture it way, way better with this new app, Foodie. 

Foodie was launched by the Line Corp on Feb 2nd. Now you, snobby Instagrammers (me!) are dissing this as just another food app and saying you don’t need it. But haven’t we all stood on things to get the perfect food shot? Eaten cold food because we’ve been Instagramming the living daylights off it? Try that with “Best Angle” and maybe you will eat ‘warm’ food.


Foodie comes with two things that just may appeal to you: 

  1. Food oriented filters 
  2. Best Angle 

What if Gingham, Moon or June could do just so much for your photo but BBQ or Sweet and Chewy could really bring out the colour in your ham? Go ahead. Laugh. But you aren’t giving your food the best out there. 

Coming to what we loved more, Best Angle. Hold it at various angles until the camera tells you that this is the best angle for your food. Seems simple right? It is. So top shots? Top Notch. 

Processed photos can be shared not only through LINE but also on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What’s more, the app allows you to blur out the background- something that most phones come with (Background defocus). But this one’s a tad smarter at assessing the food viewing area.