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How Does Food Look When Dressed Up As Disney Princesses?


Disney Princesses have been reimagined as pop stars, pin-up girls, in real time or as fashion icons (BuzzFeed, PopSugar we are looking at you and your friends). And the most common factor among all these reinventions is the fact that no matter what, the lassies always manage to look breathtaking.

But this, foodies, is the most edible royalty portrait you’ll ever see.landscape-1439313441-untitled

Gabriella Paiella and Anna Hezel have taken their love for food, Disney and creativity to a ‘frank’ly awesome level. The duo has created a never seen before avatar of Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel and Pocahontas. A more tangible version of the princesses has been realized as wait-for-it…hot dogs!


Like Never Before

In their write-up for the Lucky Peach, Paiella and Hezel have written: “We put our heads together and thought about what kinds of Disney princesses would inspire us the most. And obviously we thought of hot dogs. Disney has never created a princess who was a hot dog (dumb, in our opinion). Imagine if all of their princesses were hot dogs. So inspiring. Wow.”

The four princely hot dogs have been very intricately put together using hot dog ingredients and “whatever you have around” (sic). Good thing, the duo aren’t vague in their selection!

Have a look at your childhood animated crushes reinvented as your favorite street snack:





Image Courtesy: The Huffington Post



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