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How Do You Feel About A Ketchup Leather Square In Your Burger?


Burgers are awesome, no doubt. Whether gourmet or homemade, we all love and enjoy that simple and delicious burger with a patty, some lettuce thrown in perhaps, and of course ketchup. But lets stop right there – ketchup. That’s the sweet red, tomato-based condiment that we enjoy with our burger and fries, and yup, we love it. But, wait. What if we told you ketchup isn’t going to be the same anymore. Instead of pouring it out of a sachet or bottle, you’ll now be layering it on your burger just the way you do with cheese. We just stumbled upon something that will blow your mind. Read on.


Ketchup Leather at Plan Check

Plan Check is located at Los Angeles, California, and is popular because of their innovative foods and dishes. The latest invention to come out of their kitchens right now is the Ketchup Leather. As fancy as it sounds, this invention is nothing more than solidified ketchup that looks like it can be mistaken for candy.

Food Steez visited Plan Check and gave us, the viewers, all a little look at the invention in the kitchen. According to the video below, we learn that the purpose of this invention is to stop the ketchup from getting soaked into the burger bun. And just like magic, the ketchup square rehydrates itself once it’s in contact with the meat patty. Fancy, right?


Watch Food Steez’s visit to Plan Check: