How do Chefs prepare a low Calorie Chinese Dish?

Foodies often like oily and fatty foods, but they do not realize that how unhealthy it is. Some may cut down their meals, while some may reduce the amount of quantity they consume but either of them is not a good way out to stay healthy.

Choosing the right cuisine and making it as one of your favorites is the best option. But the question arises that which one to choose as there are host of cuisines worldwide. This is where authentic Chinese and Korean food comes into picture. Wondering, why? Well, it’s the healthiness in the cuisine that makes it stand apart from rest of the cuisines in the market.

If you are among those people who loves trying new food and at the same time want to eat healthy then Chinese food is the best. Though this cuisine is high in fat and calories, yet chefs prepare the dishes in such a way that eliminates the high calories from it.

Here are a few things that chefs do to make this cuisine healthy with low calories –

The very first thing that the chefs take care about is the reducing of oil from the dishes. This is because oil is the major factor that adds calorie to the cuisine as it contains 120 calories approximately which gets soaked when the food is deep fried in the oil. Moreover, if the dish is prepared at a low heat, it soaks even more fat in the food. Thus, reducing the oil not only eliminates the calories but also makes the dish healthy.

Another way to make the dish low in fat is by opting baking process rather than deep frying. However, the style of cooking changes a bit in it as where earlier deep drying was done to prepare the dish now baking would be done. For example, sweet and sour chicken was prepared by dipping into the batter and then deep drying, but this is eliminated by using the bread crumbs and then putting it on the baking sheet after spraying it with vegetable cooking oil. The use of spraying oil is far better than regular oils, as it contains lesser calories in it. The chicken needs to be baked properly till it is golden brown.
chinese food

Next factor that is taken into consideration by chefs is reducing the amount of meat used in preparing the dish. This does not mean putting few pieces of chicken, but it means opting for skinless chicken breasts instead of dark meat. This is because they are high in saturated fat and calories.

Another factor that chefs take care of is to reduce the amount of sauce in the authentic Chinese and Korean food as it contains enormous amount of sugar which adds up calories. To make the dish tasty as before the chefs use sugar substitutes like stevia or sucralose. These substitutes contain zero calories and provides the dish same flavor.
From the provided information, you must have got idea which methods are used by chefs to make the Chinese cuisine a healthy one.

So, if you are health conscious or you want to cut down the intake of calories then go with Chinese cuisine. Though you can prepare the dishes at home, yet visiting a Chinese restaurant is a better option because the chefs are expert in preparing dishes that are healthy and at the same time tasty.
However, you need to make sure that the restaurant you choose is popularly known for serving healthy and low-calorie food.