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The hottest food stories this week


1. 8 rules, follow you must, for a successful Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Tea Ceremony has many rules and etiquette one must sincerely follow to maintain traditions and enjoy the full benefits of the tea ceremony. The body is supposed to attain serenity from within throughout this entire ritual.

preparing the tea for Japanese tea ceremony

2. The Indian Bakery Expo is cooking

The top executives of the Tamil Nadu Baker’s Association organized ‘The Indian Bakery Expo’ in Chennai Trade Center to attract investors and showcase new technology that had taken the Baking industry to new heights. The event saw the turnout of a number of trade visitors from within the country and abroad, indicating the show was undoubtedly a huge success.

live demo in Indian Beakery expo 2014

3. Con Affetto creates edible bouquets for the times you want to eat those flowers.

If you find gifting a normal bouquet of flowers too cliché, then you might want to try out Con Affetto’s dessert bouquet. This gift combines the beauty of a flower and the deliciousness of desserts like cookies, cupcakes and so on. It’s worth the value for your money.

Con Affetto bouquet

4. 10 food I wish someone made a diet version of

We love to eat food but hate to see the damage those extra calories do to the body. Here is a list of food we dream of having a diet version of.

candy and diet

5. Saving the future with Open-Sourced food

City Farm, a plant based research facility in MIT, seems to have found a way to end the food sector’s shortcomings. The idea is to grow crops indoor without the need for a soil medium. With this innovative method of farming, one can grow a variety of crops in a closed chamber that provides a controlled environment.

City Farm in MIT