Hood Food: The Mumbai Guide – The Best Eateries In Mumbai Central

Years and years ago, Mumbai or Bombay Central used to be the centre of Bombay. And then, Mumbai started growing; and still hasn’t stopped. While it’s no longer the center, Mumbai Central is a very busy area; it’s got a major outstation train station, is the home of the famous Maratha Mandir and has a collection of student hostels.

As it’s filled with students and travellers, the eateries in the area are fairly pocket friendly. Here are a few of our favourite joints that you must try out when you’re in the area!

Street Food

One of our absolute favourite street food destinations for shawarma is at Mumbai Central; a stall called Khan’s opposite the City Centre mall. The shawarma meat is succulent and tender and just Rs.50!


On the other end of the area, outside the MSUW girls hostel is a small portable stall that dishes out a delicious variety of chaat. Outside the main entrance to Mumbai Central station is a stall that fries up delicious bhajiyas.

Casual Dining

If you don’t want to stand on the street while you eat but are still in search of pocket friendly options, fear not – the area has its fair share of casual eateries. Kalpana is a pure veg restaurant that has delicious North Indian fare – try the thali.


For North Indian fare there’s also Cafe Samundar which does a lip smacking tandoori chicken. We also love Cafe Sagar for its non vegetarian rolls. The area also has a Kailash Prabhat, famous for its vegetarian snacky fare.

Non Vegetarian Dining

We’ve already mentioned Khan’s, Cafe Samundar and Cafe Sagar for their respective specialities. We also love 5 Spice, for its lamb pot rice and chicken dishes. If you’re in the mood for some indulgent chicken, head to the KFC in City Center.


While in most of our food guides, we include the best luxury dining restaurants as well as watering holes in the area, Mumbai Central has barely any of either. Allow us instead to proceed to talking about –

Just Desserts

Mumbai Central is the home to the famous Suleman Mithaiwala which serves a range of Indian sweetmeats.For cakes, you can head to either Monginis or Celejor.


In the Navjeevan Society, you can also pick up red velvet jars and brownie boys from the Next Door Baker, a home baker.