Hood Food: The Mumbai Guide – The Best Eateries In High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel

Have you taken a look at our food guides yet? Each week, we put together a list of the best restaurants to eat in a specific area in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. Last week in Mumbai, we took you through a trail of the best restaurants in Byculla. This week, we’re moving a little further over to Lower Parel.

As anyone who has ever visited Lower Parel would know, it’s filled with a massive range of eateries. So, we decided to split our guide to Lower Parel into even more specific areas; here are the best of the best places to eat if you find yourself hungry and tired after a long day shopping at Palladium Mall or High Street Phoenix.

Cheap Eats and Fast Food

We’re not going to lie; a majority of the eateries in the mall are fairly expensive; it is pretty swanky after all. However, if you’re running short of cash after a shopping spree, there are a few eateries that won’t break your wallet.


Firstly, there are fast food eateries like McDonald’s and Burger King, where you can get a filling, quick meal for just under Rs. 150. There’s also Crazy Cup Corn, which serves cups of sweet corn at low prices if you just want a quick bite. Falafel’s, which has just started serving non vegetarian Mediterranean fare is another destination for fairly cheap, tasty (read our review here) meals as is Tibb’s Frankie, which has set up stall outside the Grand Galleria part of the mall. If you want to go healthy head to Subway in the sky zone.

Asian Eats

While it has a range of eateries that serve different cuisines, the mall has a large range of Asian eateries. There’s Sushi &More, which has takeaway sushi at fairly reasonable prices. There’s also Noodle Bar, which serves Chinese fare and the newly opened Pa Pa Ya, which has gained fans across the city for its innovative spin on authentic Pan Asian cuisine. Asia Kitchen by Mainland China is yet another destination that serves authentic Chinese fare.

Indian dining


Prefer tastes closer to home? Head to Gajalee, famous for its delicious seafood or Copper Chimney which serves delicious North Indian fare. Punjab Grill, which is popular across India for its Mughalai fare is yet another Indian dining option.

Upscale Dining


Aside from Sushi & More, all the restaurants in the Asian Eats and Indian Dining section provide a high end, upscale dining experience. To that list, add California Pizza Kitchen (read our review here!) and Indigo Delicatessen, for its Continental fare.

Bars and Clubs


In the mood to drink and dance? Head to Palladium Social, drink up their legendary Long Long Island iced teas and hit the dance floor. Or, head to the Irish House to fill your belly with beer or Tryst for some quirky shots and an expansive dance floor. For more chilled out drinking sessions, head to the newly opened British Brewing Company to enjoy some beer and their British eats. We also like The Big Kahuna which has a tikki theme and matching tikki cocktails.

Just Desserts


Once you’re nicely buzzed, walk over to Movenpick for dessert; it’s especially famous for its chocolate fondue served with a range of ice creams. Or, try La Folie Patisserie for its decadent chocolate desserts or Le 15 Patisserie for its wide range of macarons. If you’re a fan of donuts, there’s also a Mad Over Douts outlet as well as a Krispy Crème one.