Hood Food: The Mumbai Guide – 7 Restaurants To Try At Oberoi Mall In Goregaon

Are you planning on hitting the shops this weekend? Allow us to recommend Oberoi Mall – located just off the Western Express highway in Goregaon it’s easy to get to and has a range of shops that cater to all your needs. The mall also has a wide range of restaurants along with a pretty expansive food court; splurge on some shopping and then go stuff your face. It’s the weekend after all. Here are some restaurants you should hit: 

British Brewing Company

With a British themed menu (ever wanted to try and authentic Shepherd’s pie?) and an extensive list of beers, British Brewing Company is the perfect pub to spend your Saturday night.

Copper Chimney


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Copper Chimney serves a range of delicious Mughlai classics; try the mutton biryani and the kebabs. It has an expansive seating area, making it the perfect destination for a family gathering meal.

Asia Kitchen by Mainland China


Craving some Oriental fare? Asia Kitchen’s reputation precedes it – it serves a collection of Asian dishes like Thai Green Curry, Malaysian Fish Curry and Burmese Khao Sue. Take your taste buds on a trip through Asia in one meal.

Olive Bistro

This bistro is quirkily decorated, with unfinished brick walls a working jukebox and pop colors. It serves a variety of egg preparations, burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and wood oven pizzas.

Maharaja Bhog


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Maharaja Bhog is one of Mumbai’s most famous thali restaurants. Its thali includes 4 types of dal, three farsans, four types of vegetable dishes, three types of flatbreads, rice and kchidi as well as chutney, butter milk, salad, papad and pickles.

Cream Centre

Like Maharaja Bhog, Cream Center is a pure vegetarian restaurant that serves Indian and Mexican fare. It’s famous for its nachos, doused with copious amounts of cheese.


Any true blue Mumbaikar needs no introduction to Theobroma. The popular desert parlour has an outlet in Oberoi mall. Try the banoffee pie if you haven’t already – it’s out of this world.




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