Hood Food: The Chennai Guide – 9 Restaurants on ECR Worth Visiting

If you’ve ever gone to Pondicherry from Chennai, then you’ve been down ECR (East Coast Road) countless times. This stretch of road is part of the Tamil Nadu State Highway and has also extended all the way to Kanyakumari. But what’s important right now are the restaurants that are on the ECR and technically part of Chennai.

So if you’re in the mood for a drive, here are some places you can stop along for a snack.

Bay View & Seagull – Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove


In the mood to spend some money on some really good food? Visit Vivanta by Taj. Bay View is their seafood restaurant that serves you the catch of the day and other fresh seafood options in preparations of your choosing. While Seagull has a Sunday brunch and also serves just about everything you could possibly want when you stop by a 5-star hotel.

Kipling Cafe


The Kipling Cafe is made up of four separate restaurants, which includes a bar. And when you have four restaurants in one location, you are treated to a variety of cuisines to choose from with the sounds of the ocean as your soundtrack.



As the name suggests, this restaurant is all about the kebabs, the barbecue and the grills. But you get to make your choice between North Indian, Chinese, Thai and more cuisines.

Shiraz Art Cafe


When driving down the ECR, if you’re craving some Persian food, Shiraz is where you need to go. Beautifully set up, this cafe prides themselves on homecooked Persian food. They also have other cuisines, but when you see Persian, does anything else matter?

Drizzle – The Destination


The neighbourhood bar for folks living on or near ECR, Drizzle is known for their karaoke nights and their sheeshas. Would not recommend you stopping in here for a bite while you’re driving, but you should definitely drive out to visit the place at some point of time.


Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream & Sorbet


Just like their outlet in Nungambakkam, Amadora on the ECR serves ice creams and other desserts, plus they have sandwiches and snacks that are light and tasty and perfect for road trips.

Touchdown Bar & Cafe, Green Meadows Resort


Part of Green Meadows Resort, this bar and cafe serves the usual fare of finger food combined with alcohol of your choosing. And they also have a sheesha lounge where you can relax for a while. It’s a great combination.

The Madras Wok


As the name suggests, this restaurant serves Asian food, along with Continental and North Indian options. With everything from spring rolls to Phad Thai Noodles, they have it all.

Jonah’s Goes Fishing


Adding yet another Jonah’s outlet to the line up, this one caters to those who love seafood. Whether it’s the usual fish and chips or something a little more exotic. Plus, they have delicious desserts to complete the meal.


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