Hood Food: The Chennai Guide – 14 Great Spots in Kilpauk

Neighbour to Chetpet and Egmore, Kilpauk is a mixed area of residences and health care. If you live in the Kilpauk area, it’s a given that your every need is taken care of. And for those that didn’t know, when the British were still in India, Kilpauk was a cantonment area for the troops. While living in Kilpauk is great, it’s also quite the industrial space with the manufacturing of packaging materials and cement, to name a few.

But this article isn’t about the history of Kilpauk, but a lowdown on what you can do and where you can eat if you’re ever in the Kilpauk area. The infamous Kelly’s Corner is in Kilpauk as is the Secretariat Colony. Plus, it’s located right off of Poonamallee High Road, which just so happens to be one of those very well known roads in this city. And if you’re in the mood for food and a movie, then you can choose from the movies playing at Sangam Cinemas and Ega Theatre, two of Chennai’s oldest and famous cinema halls.

Yes, you’re here for the food. Let’s get started.



Not too long ago, we visited this café-store-dance studio in Kilpauk and were blown away. The food is truly café style, from different parts of the country blended together into a combination that is worth trying at least once in your life.




Get a taste of Mumbai right here in Chennai. All the things that Haji Ali is famous for is available in Bombaysthan from fresh fruit juices and milkshakes to Mumbai street food like sandwiches. Cheap, cheerful and delicious.


Cuppa Bistro


Think coffee shop, but with so much more. One look at their menu and you’re going to find yourself staring at multiple options like parottas. But you can also enjoy coffee and snacks while you kick back and relax.


Fusilli Reasons


This pure vegetarian restaurant lives up to its name where they serve Fusilli pasta! It’s a small joint, but the food is on point and it’s popular. If you’re looking to get your food to go and still have something great, swing by here.


Green tamarind


Another vegetarian restaurant, Green Tamarind has more to offer than just pasta. They’ve got the age-old combination of Chinese, North Indian and street food under one roof. If you’re looking for a quick snack, then try their Chaat menu.




This new vegetarian restaurant in Kilpauk has everything on their menu. Whether it’s South or North Indian food, Chinese, finger food or just dessert, they’ve got an array of things to choose from. Don’t think too hard, just point and order!


Juice pump


Perfect to hide out during the hot summer days, this juice joint has more than just juice. They’ve got milkshakes, sandwiches, momos, wraps, rolls and pizzas. And when you’ve got a long list of fresh fruit juices to choose from, why would you go anywhere else?


Kebab street


As the name suggest, they’ve got all the kebabs you can eat. Plus combo meals that are solid and at a really good price too. And if you’re not in the mood to sit there and eat, order or grab it to go. Best of everything.


La cucina


Looking for some really good Continental food? La Cucina is your spot. Soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers and more, plus they’ve got a large selection of pizzas to choose from and you can eve make your own cheese!


Munch Café


With a name like that, how could you not want to visit this café? This coffee shop might just be what you’re looking for with drinks you’re familiar with and flavours that will help beat the heat, you need to visit them at least once.


Murugan idli Shop


If you’ve never heard of Murugan Idli Shop so far, let us be the first to tell you about this South Indian treat that you’re going to want to visit. It’s the one place on the food map that you can’t miss and if you’re looking for great South Indian food, then let Murugan Idli feed you.




Kilpauk is full of vegetarian restaurants and add another to your wishlist. Meet Oregano, a vegetarian Continental restaurant that will satisfy your every craving. They’re also part of our Socialite Card program, so sign up today!


Roasted beans


Looking for somewhere to hang out with your friends and enjoy a sheesha? Roasted Beans can be your home away from home. Enjoy sandwiches and burgers with your hookah and relax.




It’s the taste of many nations under one roof! They have Mexican, Asian, street food and obviously Indian food to choose from. The choice is yours!


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