Hood Food: The Bengaluru Guide – Pubs And Bars In Koramangala

Koramangala is a hotspot for anything and everything that has a hint of fun attached to it. From great restaurants to amazing breweries and pubs, it is the perfect place to spend your weekends chilling out with a cold beer or a spectacular cocktail. 

Since the number of eating and drinking joints are a plenty, we’ve decided to break it down into parts, so you can get the best of whatever your heart desires. This list will show you the right places to visit for a grand time with some alcohol. As always, we recommend you drink responsibly. 


1. Prost Brew Pub

Prost serves up great booze with good ambiance and the requisite music to match that. On the beer menu, we have the lager, wheat beer, english ale, stout and the special seasonal brew. Pair a plate of overloaded nachos with any of the beers to have a good ol’ time. 


2. Barleyz

Barleyz’s open terrace is the perfect spot to chill with a glass of good brew. Porter, Ale, Wiet and Blonde with a dose of good music and good company is all you need during the weekend. 



3. The Boozy Griffin

A typical English pub in Bengaluru, Boozy Griffin is the place to be for amazing cocktails and short eats. An old school pub for an old school feeling with beer flowing on the weekends (and weekdays).


4. Legends of Rock

The name does justice to the pub with amazing music that is sure to keep you rocking away. 


5. Sotally Tober

Sotally Tober makes you feel alive when step foot inside on the weekends. With amazing ambiance and great food along with nice cold beer, it is the perfect place to party the night away. 


6. Harry’s Bar + Cafe

Lively ambiance with happy hours offering the perfect 2 +1 offers makes Harry’s Bar and Cafe the place to be for some good drinking sessions with your friends. 


7. Purple Haze

A personal favourite of ours going back quite a few years, Purple Haze has the right combination of good music, cheap food and moderately priced alcohol. The perfect place to sing your heart out with the rock hits of yesteryear. 

purplehaze copy