Homer Simpson Ends The Chicago Deep Dish v/s New York-Style Pizza Debate

Among a long list of food-based civil wars like NYC v/s LA hot dog, the one that comes up every now and then for a hot debate is the ultimate pizza clash – New York-style or Chicago deep dish.

So hot is the topic that in addition to local loyalists, the two varieties have even received tons of support and flak from celebrities! And though for most of us, the deep dish may be visually more appealing; it’s the one that has been more openly disliked.american-pizza-nyc-and-boston

But on Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons, which by the way is in its 27th season, the canary yellow Homer Simpson put an end to most discussions with his choice. For the first time in his 27 years, Homer went live to take questions from viewers.

Surprisingly enough, there was only one food-related question (nope, not even doughnuts or beer), which was his choice when it comes to Chicago deep dish and New York style. To which Homer replied: “I prefer Chicago deep dish because I like Italian better than Chinese”. And just like most Homer remarks, this too will churn in our heads without any explanation.giphy (32)

And while deep-dish loyalists may be ecstatic, lets not forget the fact that the voice behind Homer Simpson – Dan Castellaneta – is from Illinois. Watch this video to catch the live Q&A.