Hold On To Your Breadsticks Because Olive Garden Might Be Making A Makeup Palette

In what could possibly be the most ambitious crossover in the history of the world (sorry, Avengers: Infinity War), Olive Garden may be coming out with a makeup palette – so hold on to your breadsticks! The restaurant chain tweeted out a picture of a makeup palette, complete with cheesy food-themed names (think Breadstick Bronzer, and Spaghetti Sparkle).

Twitter responded surprisingly well to news (for Twitter, at least) and the tweet was soon inundated with responses!

Unfortunately, you better not start saving all your pennies for the palette just yet, because, for now, the Olive Garden makeup palette exists only in their dreams.

However, knowing the power of social media, it wouldn’t come as much of a shock if Olive Garden were to drop a makeup kit after this positive reaction. Fingers crossed!