Hold Your Hats Delhi, Goa’s King’s Beer Is Now Available In The Capital!

You read that right, we don’t have to lug over bottles of Goa’s popular King’s Beer all the way to Delhi anymore because the beverage company has finally decided to grace the Capital with its presence! Two years ago when King’s was introduced in Mumbai, we weren’t really sure whether it was a joke or if we should shift base to the city, but alas our prayer (and confusion) has finally been answered!

For the uninitiated (read, people who had been living under a rock for all these years), King’s Premium Pilsner is a pale lager beer brewed by Goa-based Impala Distillery & Brewery in Quepem. With an alcohol content of 4.85 per cent, the beer is loved for its mild yet distinct flavor that boasts of a smoky malt aroma. Moreover, people are gaga over this brew as it is available at dirt-cheap price, costing just INR 40 for a pint (330ml)!

Now, for the most important and vital part of this announcement: where and when will Delhiites be able to lay their hands on this Goan specialty? Well, the iconic beer will be up for grabs within a week at TabulaBeach Cafe, Khel Gaon Marg on Monday, 19th June! So you don’t have to worry much about any cancelled Goa plans because a major part of your beach trip will now be available in Delhi itself. *Does happy dance*


Tabula Beach Café

Khel Gaon Marg, Asian Games Village Complex, Siri Fort

New Delhi-49

+91 96502 50099


Feature Image: thekingsbeer.com