Hindustan Unilever’s ‘Adda’ Puts Its Products On Showcase

Hindustan Unilever’s venture into out-of-home business models has lead directly into its own backyard. HUL’s ‘The Adda’, which started off as a place for employees to hangout on its own campus, was used a blueprint to establish several more in corporate campuses across the country. ‘The Adda’ is a self-paying model which offers consumers the entire range of HUL’s food and beverage products to create recipes, as part of the menu in corporate canteens. This concept serves as an experiment to test out new products and develop new dishes based on HUL’s food items and beverages. 

Different Way To Order

HUL’s ‘The Adda’ currently has 100 outlets in campuses across 11 cities and is part of several initiatives the company has taken to bring its products to the consumers. Speaking to TNN about the initiative, Geetu Verma, Executive Director (foods and refreshment), HUL, said, “When we started the HUL Adda on our campus, the idea was to bring alive the food culture on the street. We created a long and exciting menu based on our entire food portfolio, which includes our beverages and ice creams and we got our strong employee base to try out our products through different recipes.” 


Support From Corporates

The Addas are run by franchisees trained by HUL and the recipes are under constant innovation by a panel of chefs. The concept has gained tremendous support from several large corporate campuses and has lead to the development of a new avenue for HUL to enter into a out-of-home business model. “It has attracted good footfalls. This way we get people to try our entire food and refreshment range from a chilled Bru cold coffee shake to a Knorr noodle masala omelette,” Verma added. The price point for each dish served at the ‘Adda’ is determined by HUL and the recipes are based on existing products.