High Ultra Lounge Presents – A Rendezvous Of Korean Flavours

If you’re looking to try out some delicious Korean food combined with a kick ass view then boy do we have news for you! High Ultra Lounge brings to you a Korean Food Festival. In case you didn’t know, Korean dishes are largely based on rice, vegetables and meats – this cuisine will fulfil all your food fantasies.

In order to ensure that you get the absolute most out of your experience, Executive Chef Myo has handpicked a menu that includes an assortment of delectable vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes from Korea.

High Ultra Lounge Presents - A Rendezvous Of Korean Flavours

A glimpse of the menu includes Korean-style Tenderloin Skewers, Vegetable Skewers with Spicy Kimchi Tamarind Sauce, Stir-fried Chicken with Siracha PepperSsauce, and Stir-fried Pork Loin with Kimchee Oyster Sauce followed by the most decadent desserts like melon balls with cream topped with coconut ice cream and crushed pistachios.

So, head on over to High and delve into the aromas of Korean food at an enthralling height of 421 feet!

Date: Sunday, 28th May to 10th June 2017
Time: 5:30 PM onwards
Place: High Ultra Lounge 2500 AI for two
Cost: Rs. 2500 All Inclusive for two
For Reservations: Call – 080- 4567 4567 or +91 9900029373