High Tomato Prices In Mumbai Irks Consumers

Tomatoes prices have been increasing over the last few weeks and are currently being sold between Rs.40 to Rs. 48 for one kilogram in the city of Mumbai reports the Times of India. The high rates have left the consumers fuming as they find no reason for the prices to increase to this extent.

Tomato Prices Soar

A consumer shopping at Apna Bazaar, Subhasish Dev told the publication that, “There is no dearth of good quality tomatoes that would point to a shortage. The fruit is large, red and juicy. It is difficult to see why the cost has increased from the average Rs. 15-18 to Rs. 40-45.” “Wholesale prices range from Rs 8 for average produce to Rs. 8 for average produce to Rs. 20-25 for best quality tomatoes,” said APMC trader Shankar Pingale to the Times of India. “The crop shortage in Narayangaon is responsible for this.”

High Tomato Prices In Mumbai Irks Consumers

The report further says that since there in no profit monitoring, unfair practices are imposed by the retailers. They are claiming double of the wholesale prices by giving the reason that the produce has been spoilt due to the heavy rains. Times of India also found out that the tomatoes were sold for Rs. 40 in Lokhandwala, JN Road and Mulund and for Rs.48 in Breach Candy, Matunga and Chembur. The prices went up to Rs.50 in Borivali’s IC Colony.

Hear It From A Grower

“The wholesale rate is Rs 8-14 per kg, but retailers are charging four times more,” said Mangal Gupta, a tomato grower and wholesaler from Vashi while speaking to the publication. “In any case this is a cyclical rise witnessed this time of year. Farmers were disposing their stock at cheap rates for the last three months so this recovery was due. It takes 75 days for a new crop to grow from sowing to reaping. Those who have planted tomato in May will bring forth the new crop next month. Till then prices will remain high.”