Thanks To Hidden Valley, You Can Now Buy A Keg Of Ranch

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a keg? Frat parties (in the movies)? Obscene amounts of beer? Well, guess what, thanks to Hidden Valley you can now get a keg of your favourite ranch dressing (ranch lovers, compose yourselves).

The ranch keg stands at around 10 inches tall and apparently holds 5 liters of dressing. According to them, it’s about a year’s worth of ranch (ranch enthusiasts will have something to say about that) and costs $50 but, it seems a bit excessive for us (unless they’re going familywise or something).

Which begs the question, how much ranch is too much ranch? According to Matt, it’s definitely not just 5 liters.

We’re guessing Eva went to a lot of frat parties in college…

You’re not the only one Will, you’re not the only one.

To sum it up: