This Hi-Tech Beer Pong Takes The Game Up A Notch

The game of beer pong is getting a makeover!

 Frat Brothers/Sorority Sisters or not, there is no way that you wouldn’t have heard of or at least once played beer pong. The mad drinking game finds its way through pretty much every young social gathering. And to turn the crazy up a notch, two innovators have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new-age beer pong gadget.a8bd0fee2e502062d1974d134b9db6bd_original.0.0

Haaaaave you met Pongbot?

“Pongbot” is – hopefully – how the next generation will play beer pong. The machine is a blend of the classic game and some new added thrills, like a constantly moving target.

Pongbot’s description on Kickstarter reads:

Pongbot is a robotic cup holder that creates a moving target. Instead of tossing a ping pong ball at a group of stationary cups, Pongbot spins, darts, and randomly changes direction. This makes beer pong more fun, more exciting and a lot more challenging!

Players can shoot at a single cup or add a five-cup caddie. The bot also features edge-sensing technology to keep the bot from falling over the edge of the table. There are two modes for play – in auto-mode, the Pongbot will move and spin randomly in any direction at any time, so that the shooter never knows where it is going; while in manual mode, your opponent controls the motion with a tank-style handheld remote control.”


Well, I bet my lager it’s more challenging! Basically, now not only do you have to concentrate your buzzed head on cups, you also have to take into consideration the fact that it’s going to be constantly in motion. All the best with that!

The campaign still has 30 days to go, and it has till now raised about $3,795 of its $100,000 goal with 67 backers. Here’s how this “revolutionary” party game robot looks like and functions.


Images: Kicktarter

Feature Image: The Daily Touch