Hershey’s Is Releasing A New “Gold” Flavour For The Olympics

There are only 100 days to go for the 2018 Winter Olympics and Hershey’s has confirmed that they are officially dropping their fourth flavor – gold. The timing of the announcement ain’t no coincidence either as Hershey’s is a sponsor of the United States Olympic Committee.

Here’s What’s In It

The craziest part, is that it isn’t chocolate and it’s actually pretty golden. The bar is actually made from creme that’s been caramelized and mixed with bits of peanut and pretzel. It’s the first time a mass-market candy company is offering caramelized creme.

Hershey's Is Releasing A New "Gold" Flavour For The Olympics

In fact, the whole candy bar is so unique that the individual pieces of the Gold bar are two different sizes puzzle-pieced together both horizontally and vertically. Starting December 1, you’ll be able to find standard and king-sized bars on grocery shelves around America.

Which probably means, you’ll get them here in India about a year later, albeit at exorbitant prices!