Here’s How You Can Carry Beer Across Borders. Not.

Saudi Arabia is stringent about alcohol. And by stringent we mean the country absolutely prohibits any kind of contact with the boozy liquid. The penalty for not adhering to the restriction includes flagellation and prison sentence. But one man was hell bent upon either breaking the rules or consuming beer in Saudi Arabia.

The man in question did the unthinkable and covered multiple crates of Heineken beer cans – 48,000 cans to be exact – in Pepsi covers. Great idea, eh? That’s probably what even he thought, until the Saudi Custom Officials turned out to be a tad bit smarter than him.

2E67EE7E00000578-3316745-image-a-1_1447407805498Image Source: The Daily Mail


Dressed To Sneak

A regular truck carrying the crates – then dressed up as Pepsi – was stopped and went through routine checking during which the officials realized the that the cans contained beer and not cold drink.

The official Twitter handle of the Saudi Arabian customs uploaded a 30 second snippet of the sneaky cans along with pictures of multiple “Pepsi” crates stacked together.

So much for beer!


In other news, soft drink companies in Saudi Arabia are thinking of importing the drinks in transparent cans with the name and details scribbled in ink.