May 17, 2017

Here’s Yet Another Multi-Coloured Food Trend To Ogle Over #POLL

We’re still a little hung-over from all the colour and vibrancy brought about in our life, courtesy the Unicorn/rainbow food trend. The trend just came and threw up all possible pantone shades of the VIBGYOR on our chocolates, coffee, bagels, sandwiches, and whatnots. And looks like all that colour will soon be back into our life and no amount of grey foods will be able to save us from some serious cornea damage. Behold, the gemstone food trend.

Brought into the social media spotlight by Adeline Waugh, the person to be credited for bringing to light the Unicorn toast and mermaid toast, the gemstone toast too isn’t short of colours and visual appeal. Waugh posted a picture of her fantastical creation on Instagram with a caption that read: “What’s the logical thing to do when you have multiple deadlines and real things to do? Well, if you’re me…it’s attempting to create gemstone themed toasts.”

Yes, we hear you. The toasts do look a lot like they belong to the rainbow/unicorn/mermaid clan, but can we just point out the use of pastels hues over bright pop shades? Moreover, these even look easier to spread out (literally) and may even make it to our Sunday brunch spread once in a while. That said, we do hope that the gemstone trend stops just at toast and turn into monstrosities like gemstone Frappuccinos, cookies, et al.

But what’s your take on this new mystical food trend? Yay or nay?

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