Here’s Why This Woman Is Suing Nestle For $5 Million

We’ve all had the experience of tearing into a bag of chips, or box of raisins or packet of candy only to find that about half of the packet is filled with air. Typically, we shrug it off, enjoy the packaged goods and move on with our lives. Some consumers, however, are not able to do that. Outraged, they decide to file lawsuits against the companies they’ve believed have deprived them.

Most recently, Sandy Hafer has filed a lawsuit against confectionary food giant, Nestle. Hafer’s claim is that Nestlé’s Raisinets are 40% empty space.


Meet The Raisinets

Raisinets are Nestlé’s chocolate covered raisins which are immensely popular across the United States. They can be bought in grocery stores and at vending machines but are most commonly found in movie theaters.


Hafer bought a box of Raisinets from her local grocery stores and claims she would never have bought them had she known that they were not full of candy.

The lawsuit’s contention is that there’s no real reason for the 40% space; Raisinets are not sticky and do not crack or crumble, creating the need for extra room.

Hafer is looking at getting about $5 million in damages from the company. On its part, Nestle has issued a response saying “We are aware of the lawsuit, which is one of many similar suits filed against food manufacturers and retailers. The allegations are baseless and we will vigorously defend ourselves. All Nestlé products and labels comply with FDA regulations and provide consumers the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.”