Here’s Why Yummade’s Fresh Pickles, Jams and Dips Will Soon Replace Your Regular Packaged Products

Early each morning, if you head to a nearby market you’ll find a plethora of people scrutinising fruits and vegetables suspiciously, asking the vendor again and again to reassure them that their produce is fresh. It’s a similar story for fish vendors and milk sellers. 

Why, then, should we settle for anything less when it comes to products like pickles, dips, sauces or even brownies and cakes? Supermarket shelves are piled with packaged products, but what if we had an option to get the same products fresh and infinitely better tasting?

In Mumbai, you can do just that thanks to Yummade, a service that provides customers with goods that have been freshly made each day. “As Indians, we obsess over freshness. You pay a premium for fresh paneer in farzan shops; indirectly we know that the fresher stuff is better stuff,” said Gaurav Tandon, the founder of Yummade.

Move Over Packaged Foods, unPACKED Is In The House

Operating with this concept and using his extensive experience of having worked in packaged food companies, Tandon sees Yummade as healthier alternative to packaged foods that are filled with preservatives to increase their shelf life. Yummade collaborates with a variety of Mumbai’s best chefs, such as The Bohri Kitchen and Life Ki Recipe, helping them to come up with and execute recipes while maintaining quality control. It has built a vast community of like-minded chefs, bloggers and recipe creators to ensure a dynamic variety of products.

This approach gives Yummade an added edge over processed food companies, as they don’t have to spend months clearing corporate and laboratory hurdles to launch a new product. As a result, they’re always bringing out new foods; a quality that their customers appreciate.

Innovations from Yummade that one would rarely see on the mass market include bacon butter, bacon jam, whiskey marmalade and banana rum jam. They also have the opportunity to market perishable products like chicken cupcakes.

Tasting The Talk

At this point, we realise that we’re coming dangerously close to being ‘all talk and no taste.’ We did in fact wander through Yummade’s beautifully designed and drool-inducing website and decide to taste a few of their products.


Tandon confided that one of his favourite products was the bacon jam. Because of that, and in honor of National Bacon Day (which was just a few days ago) we tried that first and were delighted; it tasted exactly like softened bacon with a sweet edge to it, and would be perfect spread across a cracker.

Dipping Into Decadence

We then moved on to the dips starting with the mushroom & cheese dip, a decadently creamy concoction with melt-in-your mouth-cheese and a generous helping of mushrooms.


Next was the feta and olive dip, another beautiful cheese based dip that was balanced out with the sharp flavour of olives; we were already envisioning how much better a pasta would taste when tossed with this dip.

Whiskey And Rum With Breakfast?

Up next for scrutiny was the whiskey marmalade and banana rum jam. These were entirely new concepts to us; we’d be conditioned to think that jams and marmalades belong on breakfast toast – and who had ever hear of whiskey and rum in a breakfast spread? One taste and we were converted; the banana and rum flavours meshes beautifully in the soft spread while the whiskey infused in the marmalade gave it a sharp kick that had our tongues tingling.


Relishing A Balance Of Flavours

Then, we helped ourselves to a spoonful of pineapple chili relish, where the natural sweetness of pineapple was elevated with a generous helping of chilli, followed by a dollop of the old monk salted caramel, where, once again, the salty and sweet flavours of the caramel were beautifully balanced by the faint taste of rum.


Indeed, as we treated ourselves to another spoonful of each delicacy, words that popped up most often were ‘delicious’, ‘tasty’ and ‘balanced’. The products combined ingredients that we would have never imagined, paired together with finesse and a knowledge that resulted in a harmony of flavours. Another recurring theme during our tasting was imagining what we could put these products in; while we had tasted them individually to better understand the flavours, we saw an overwhelming number of possibilities that the products could be used in, from pastas, to bread to crackers to crepes, there wasn’t a product that couldn’t be used in less than ten different ways.

It’s both because of this versatility and the beautiful, wholesome taste that we will be ordering from Yummade again. The products go far and beyond being alternatives to processed goods; they’re simply in a league of their own.

Want to get your own taste? Head to and order away!