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Here’s Why Tupperware’s Multi Cook Is The Best Thing Ever!


Tupperware has become a common word in our households. From our kitchen shelves to carrying our lunch, it has become an integral part of the household. For those of us who love to have hot and perfect idlis for breakfast, but often have to stick to cold corn flakes or bread toasts thanks to busy mornings, Tupperware has the perfect thing for you!

Tupperware’s Multi Cook consists of five components; a container, cover, strainer, idli trays and spoon, and it is the most convenient cooker to make that perfect idli for the busy mornings. It’s a multi-function product that lets you cook, steam, reheat and serve. The strainer fits perfectly in the container, and the handles on the sides allow easy lifting. The container comes with a dome shaped self-venting cover, and this allows the steam or liquid to stay on the cover itself, and will not drip down into the food. So, you don’t have to worry about your idlis getting messy.

The footed base allows for even heating in the microwave by allowing maximum air calculation around the container. So, now you know why you should go for Tupperware’s Multi Cook the next time you are shopping for your kitchen.