Here’s What People Around The World Are Having For Breakfast. Really!

As you sit at the table in the morning and take a good whiff of the awesome spread laid out in front of you, ever wondered what people around the world are indulging in for their breakfast? Your breakfast is a tradition that you’ve grown up with, laid out in front of you, or probably a tradition from elsewhere that you’ve adopted simply because it’s your favourite. So, we’re pretty sure you know what’s on your plate. But what do you think the rest of the world is having for breakfast?

Indians around the country enjoy sumptuous breakfasts treats like dosa, a rice flour-based pancake, with spicy tempered chutneys, and also favourites like puri, which is a shallow fried pastry, with a soft and flavourful potato gravy. And meanwhile in Japan, Japanese indulge in a calming miso soup and boiled fish. So what are the French upto when morning comes, we wonder? Well, a nice warm croissant along with some fresh fruit in a bowl and a hot cup of coffee makes the perfect breakfast for the French. It’s not always cheese and wine like many of us think! And in case you’re wondering what the Irish are waking up to, it’s a hearty plate of bacon, sausages, and eggs – our favourite choice!

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