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Here’s All You Wanted To Know About The Soon To Be Launched Femme Foodies Show On Living Foodz


Last week, culinary big wigs – Chef Ranveer Brar, Chef Shagun Mehra and Chef Anahita Dhondy gathered in Brar’s unique TAG Gourmet Kitchen to launch Living Foodz’ Femme Foodies, Asia’s first food truck reality show. The show features 10 contestants; women from across India who have a passion for cooking competing for a premium, state of the art food truck. Femme Foodies will give viewers not just an insight into the burgeoning food truck culture, but also place women at the forefront of culinary innovation.

The Judges

Femme Foodies boasts three expert judges. Commenting on his experience, Chef Brar said “Food trucks are here to stay, and can be considered as a viable business option today. It is more than just a trend and the show, Femme Foodies, is a creative representation of the concept today. I will be judging the contestants on the parameter of ‘Expression’, which gives them the opportunity to express themselves on their plate. Passion for food and expression of oneself are one of the key ingredients to a successful dish.”

Meanwhile, Chef Shagun Mehra, food and wine consultant, who joins Ranveer for the first time on the judging panel on Living Foodz said “Femme Foodies goes beyond the confines of a kitchen and amalgamates gourmet food with talent, scenic locales, fun-filled challenges and food trucks! For me, vision is the key to making a perfect dish and is important to envision the fish and the way it should be presented before one starts cooking. It was great to see the creativity of the contestants come forth throughout the competition.”

The two chefs are joined by Chef Anahita Dhondy, who is the chef behind popular restaurant chain Sodabottleopernerwalla. “Femme Foodies is centred around a refreshing concept which celebrates aspiring female chefs and their culinary prowess. It will pave the way for more female talent and opportunities in the food and hospitality space.. I had a great experience working with the girls and the judges, as we bonded well over our common passion for food!” Dhondy said.

The Contestants

Ten contestants from a broad spectrum of professional backgrounds competed in the show which was set in beautiful Goa. As an introduction to the contestants ,Living Foodz created Drive Your Passion, a music video composed by Clinton Cerejo, featuring Neha Bhasin and Bianca Gomes.

As well as being introduced to the contestants, we got to see them in action ; they were surprised with a  ‘last challenge’ for the show. Two groups were presented with a range of ingredients and told to make a gourmet taco. We watched with amusement and not a little excitement as they rapidly debated the merits of one ingredient over the other and created two plated tacos.

Indeed, it gave us an insight into what to expect from the show; a gourmet approach to food trucks with sides of fun, laughter and culinary expertise. Femme Foodies will air today at 8 pm on Living Foodz from Monday through Thursday every week. Tune in today!