Here’s What The UK’s Hottest Vegan Couple, According To PETA, Eats In A Day

As it turns out, there exists a legit title backed by PETA that honours the hottest vegan couples in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The animal rights group recently bestowed the title upon 22-year-old Casey Rider and 34-year-old Mark Goodwin, who beat 12 other finalists to the finishing line.

Casey, who is a charity worker from Bexhill-on-Sea, said: “Veganism to me means compassion – compassion for everyone, whether they have feet, scales, or feathers. Once I discovered veganism, I made a promise to myself that I would not stop sharing and educating people about veganism until every animal is free.”Here's What The UK's Hottest Vegan Couple, According To PETA, Eats In A Day

Rider’s equally aware and healthy beau, Mark is a fitness instructor and hopes to spread more awareness about veganism. “I went vegan 100 per cent for the animals – overnight!’ he said, adding “I try to use my influence as a fitness coach to inform people that veganism is strong, healthy, and ethical.”Here's What The UK's Hottest Vegan Couple, According To PETA, Eats In A Day

The couple added that for them “clean eating” is vital. However, they are often tempted by the abundance of vegan alternatives for regular non-vegan food for them to enjoy. This includes the likes of vegan pizza, sausage rolls, and chocolate as well!

“The reality is we are so busy and usually always on the go that sometimes a bowl of Coco Pops or toast and jam with a nice cuppa is 100% needed”, Casey revealed.

In fact, one look at the couple’s diet, and you’d know that the two aren’t really missing out on variety, taste, or nutrition. See for yourself:

Breakfast: Oats with almond milk, blueberries, chia seeds and sometimes agave nectar. Protein banana pancakes with soy yogurt and strawberries. Toast and yam or Coco Pops.

Lunch/Dinner: Vegetable stir fry with mixed grains/rice noodles or sweet potato. Tesco’s Free From cream cheese, falafel and sweet chili sauce.

Snacks: Free From chocolate buttons and banana dipped in vegan chocolate spread.

In addition to this, the couple is well stocked on healthy foods like mixed grains, avocados, oats, quinoa, rice, dried fruits, olives, chickpeas, and more.

“The two winners are as attractive on the inside as they are on the outside because they’ve chosen a lifestyle that’s kind to animals, the planet, and their own health,’ said PETA Director Elisa Allen.


Images & Source: Daily Mail

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