Here’s Why You Should Trust Chrissy Teigen On All Cashew Nut Matters

Have you ever eaten cashew nuts? Of course you have! Did you know that the nut grew on trees? You probably did. And finally, do you know what a cashew nut plant looks like? Maybe not. At least actor Matt McGorry didn’t. The Orange Is The New Black star tweeted a picture of what looks like a freshly plucked cashew nut plant and captioned it this: “UM EXCUSE ME DID YOU KNOW THAT CASHEWS GROW ON TREES ON TOP OF THIS FRUCKIN FRUIT??? WHY DID NO ONE EVER TELL ME THIS SHIT?!! #CostaRica”

So like I said, he clearly didn’t know the how, what, and where of cashew nut farming. But guess who does know? Well, it’s none other that swank queen Chrissy Teigen. Teigen, who recently shut down pizza haters on Twitter is now out to do the world some more good.

In response to McGorry’s tweet, Teigen bombarded him and Twitteratis with some urgent cashew facts, which – as she revealed later – she learnt from her own past experience. Here’s what the cooking and hand-slicing enthusiast said:

Basically, if you ever happen to pay a visit to a cashew nut plantation and get a chance to pluck some fresh flowers and fruits, do not every try to ingest the nut in its raw form. Because we looked into the science of it all and turns out Teigen is right as the raw cashew shell contains urushiol, which is the same chemical that is found in poison ivy. In fact, there is a high incidence of skin rashes among people who either harvest or process raw cashews. Now just imagine, what EATING the toxic fruit can do to your insides!

In a nutshell (pun intended), we are very glad that the two celebs had this conversation!


Feature Image: Financial Times