Here’s The Secret Ingredient That Makes McDonald’s Fries Irresistable

The crunchy, delicious French fries is an unmissable good item when you visit McDonald’s.Those of yoju who have a knack for cooking have probably already tried making the similar kind at home. But after knowing the secret ingredient the restaurant uses, we’re sure you’ve not quite succeeded at your attempt.

If you take a microscopic look at the ingredients of the french fires listed on McDonald’s website then you’ll probably figure out their secret. We’ll save you time, the ingredient is – natural beef flavour.

So that means the fries are not vegan? Nope, they are not. Because the starting ingredients of this natural beef flavour are  hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed milk. But why do they need these extra ingredients in the fries (19 to be precise). That only McDonald’s can answer. Here are some other chains that add more than oil, potatoes and salt to their fries.

All we can say is be sure to ask of any allergens present in your food when you eat out.