Here’s The Perfect Vanilla Frosting Recipe That’s Quick And Simple


A cupcake is never really complete without frosting. We call that a naked cupcake that would need a little dressing up. Frosting is honestly one of the greatest things to ever come about, and every one enjoys it. That sweet and fluffy taste is priceless and we certainly know many who just love eating the frosting on top before they can enjoy the whole cake. Of course, there are the mischievous few who like digging in to the bowl of frosting right away, saving nothing for the cake. But, hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! We do it too! 

We’ve got an awesome and very simple recipe for vanilla frosting that you can make any time. Vanilla frosting goes well with almost every flavour of cake base and you shouldn’t have any trouble pairing it with a cake. With just a few staple icing ingredients, you’ll have a delicious frosting waiting to dress you cakes and cupcakes. And it only takes a few minutes to make! Trust us, this will be your new go-to frosting. 

To make the frosting, you will need:

2 cups icing sugar
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons milk
1โ„2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Once you’ve got all your ingredients together, combine them and mix until smooth and fluffy. You’re ready to dress up some pretty cupcakes now!