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Here’s What Superstar Rajinikanth Eats To Look Like A Million Bucks


“Salman Khan releases his movies on Eid because it’s a holiday

Rajinikanth releases his movie and a holiday is declared”


Bangalore and Chennai, am I right or am I right? With superstar Rajni’s movie Kabali releasing tomorrow, the nation and his fans all across the world are going bonkers with excitement.

And how can they not? The man is simply not human. He is the Thalaiva, he is a living legend (no offence Mr. Bachchan)! The celebration and festivities around all his previous releases stand proof to the fact. From massive cut outs being bathed in milk to creating a sensational fandom across the globe, Rajinikanth has proved time and again that there is no one like him and that he stands a class apart.

Now, every hero needs his energy and strength and what better source than a nourishing and healthy diet? The 65-year-old powerhouse may look, act and exuberate superhuman charisma but his diet and health regime is very much human. And inspiring, TBH.lingaarajinikanth


Superstar Diet & Health

Despite a crazy schedule, Rajinikanth adheres to a good night’s sleep. His day starts at 5 in the morning, with an hour-long jog everyday. That’s not all, the actor makes it a point to go for a walk every evening and regularly practice Yoga, which according to him is better than other forms of exercise.

The Lingaa star follows up his exercise with a healthy diet. And meditation He believes avoiding certain foods like sugar, rice, ghee, curd and milk can help a person stay younger, especially after 40. On any other occasion we may have contested this point but firstly, you don’t counter the Thaliava and secondly he’s living proof of his ways. Tell me, would you argue with this level of swag and awesome?Sivaji_the_Boss_Rajinikanth_Style_Bubble_Gum


I rest my case.

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