Here’s Why Sula Vineyards Harvested Its Grapes Early This Year

Sula Vineyards, India’s leading wine producer began harvesting their grapes on 13th December; the earliest harvest ever recorded in India.

Reacting To Climate Change

Why? Because of climate change – the vineyard predicted that the harvest would need to be done earlier and therefore began pruning their vines in August.


Sharing the reasons and results behind the earlier harvest Ajoy Shaw, Chief Winemaker, Sula Vineyards said, “Sula has reacted proactively to climate change. This year we pruned the vines as early as mid-August which has resulted in early ripening of the grapes. This is our earliest harvest ever in 19 years with the grapes having crisp acidity and great flavours. Overall we expect this to be a wonderful vintage.”


Sula Vineyards places a focus on sustainable winemaking by using sustainable agriculture, including optimised drip irrigation, watershed management and organic pest management. It also runs a sustainable winery by using natural cooling processes, solar water heaters and a skylight project.