Here’s A Sneak Peek Of Starbucks New Holiday Cup

The release of Starbucks holiday cups are a sign that Christmas is approaching. This year, the internet has just got its first look at an intricately designed red cup thanks to an anonymous Reddit user.

‘I Peeked’

Starbucks employees across the US have been unloading boxes of the holiday cups with stickers that say “no peeking until November 10.”

However, a rebel Reddit user, who goes by the name DasUberSquid, peeked and share a photo of a stack of cups. 

The cup has an intricate, artistic design, perhaps to avoid a repeat of the 2015 fiasco. Last year, Starbucks released a plain red cup with the green logo. Some Christmas groups claimed that the chain was “waging war on Christmas” because the cups were not Christmassy enough.
Pervious designs have featured reindeer, snowmen, ornaments and snowflakes.


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