Here’s The Smoothie That Fires Up Zac Efron Every Time

High School Musical star and every millennial’s heartthrob, Zac Efron is a sight to behold at every given point in time. Whether it’s on the sets of one of the sultriest movies ever made (yes, we’re talking about Efron in Baywatch) or at a red carpet event, Efron manages to pop eyeballs and drop jaws. But where does he get all that confidence to slay from?

Aside from the fact that he’s obviously totally gorgeous, Efron relies on a go-to smoothie recipe that always manages to fire him up. In a recent Instagram post, the actor shared the recipe for this super smoothie.

A little before stepping out on the red carpet at the Sydney premiere of his next flick, The Greatest Showman, Efron whipped up the super nutritious smoothie. “This is just spinach, kale and then I got some blueberries, some raspberries, avocado for some healthy fat, a little banana for some potassium and fiber; that’s coconut water mixed with a little almond milk; I’m going to throw in some chia seeds for a little bit of fiber, and probably a little bit of honey just because it’s so good here in Australia,” he narrated on his Instagram post.

“And boom! That’s the pre-red carpet fire up.”

Well that sure looks like a blender full of health, good enough to pump life into pretty much anyone. What do you think? Are you going to try out Zac Efron’s smoothie recipe? Let us know in the comments below!


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