Here’s What A Perfect Burger Looks Like According To Anthony Bourdain

We’ve seen a number of versions of what a perfect burger “must” look like. But is there really one set definition of ‘perfect’ in a sea of taste preferences? Which is probably why there are so many recipes revolving around that perfect stack of patty and bun (here’s our version, by the way). Adding to the long list of perfectionists is celebrity chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain. And we must add, this is the closest one can get to a ‘perfect burger’ in the broader sense of the word.

The Parts Unknown host, who recently released his cookbook, recently shared his tuppence on the subject of a perfect burger during an interview with TechInsider. According to the chef, the ultimate burger is not all decked up, but quite on the contrary, less is more according to him. He advises his audience to always ask the question, “Is this thing I’m doing to this perfectly good classic dish — is it making it better?”

Bourdain broke it down and said that the ultimate burger should just have three key ingredients, “a classic soft, squishy potato bun; a hunk of well-ground, good-quality beef; and processed, melt-able cheese.” He also thinks that construction matters greatly. “In a perfect world,” he said in the interview, “you should be able to eat a hamburger with one hand and get a representative chunk of all of the elements.”

In a nutshell, the ultimate burger should throw the spotlight on the aforementioned key ingredients; be of neat construct; and one should be able to eat it without getting a mouthful of just cheese, meat, or bread. Got it!