Here’s How Millennials’ Obsession with Instagram Is Causing Food Waste

If you’re on Instagram, Facebook or indeed any form of social media, you know how gratifying a bunch of likes can be. And, one of the best way to gather those likes is to put up photos of delicious food.

However, a recent study has found that this quest for likes in the world of #foodporn may be contributing to the global food waste problem.

Of Exotic Ingredients And Elaborate Meals

The study was conducted by Sainsbury’s who surveyed the buying and eating habits their customers. They found that 55% of the 18-34 year olds surveyed said that food is more about pleasure than necessity and were likely to throw away up to 12% of what they bought. On the other hand, only 1/3 of those above 55 who were surveyed said the same.

The younger surveyees also said that they were likely to buy exotic or unusual ingredients to create elaborate meals for photographs. However, they had little knowledge about how to store these ingredients and were more likely to throw them away. Millenials are also more likely to have leftovers on their plate more often.

Here’s How Millennials' Obsession with Instagram Is Causing Food Waste
Commenting on the study, Dr Polly Russell, Food Historian and Broadcaster, said “most people today, particularly younger generations, demand variety when it comes to food. As a result we’ve gained a broader and more exciting diet. However, with a menu which changes often, it is more challenging to control waste and plan ahead. Moreover, with increased working hours and busy lifestyles, people these days are less likely than previous generations to spend the time required to properly manage food supplies and use up leftovers, to minimise waste.”

This study brings to light an important issue. More than 1/3 of the world’s food is wasted. We see the appeal in Instagramming and photographing food – and often do so – but remember to buy, order and cook food which you’ll ultimately eat.